MICO Tools Industries


MicoTools designs and produces all types of skiving tools, chamfering tools and gear shaper cutters. On demand, we are able to produce special tools.


We design and produce all different types of gear shaper cutters:

Disc type
EBB (Extended Back Boss) type
Shank type
The tools can be used for internal, external, spur and helical gears and splines.

The module ranges from 0,3 upto 13 and the reference diameter can go upto 200 mm.


These tools are used on dedicated skiving machines and machining centers. They are also designed with our own developped software.

They get a special edge preparation and coating to increase the lifetime of the tools.

Spur, helical en even non evolute profiles can be made!
These tools can be made as disk type, EBB type and shank type.


Chamfering tools are used for making a chamfer on the teeth of gears. Both the classic chamfering method in which the chamfer is made by pushing away material as the new chamfering method in which the chamfer is made by cutting away material are possible.

Deburring tools are used for cutting away the burrs after hobbing or chamfering. We produce the standard round tools as well as filing tools.

All these tools are made according your specifications.